Power BI and IBM Netezza

When connecting to Netezza from Power BI, you may run into some challenges.  The first of these is that Power BI will attempt to connect with an encrypted connection.  Unless your encryption certificates are shared and configured, you will get an error that looks like this:

We encountered an error while trying to connect.  Details:  ODBC:ERROR [HY000] [Microsoft][Network] (82) TrustStore error:  Certificate Chain error

An insecure but easy work around for this problem is to turn off encryption on the connection, which can be done in Options and Settings > Data source settings

Data source settings > Edit permissions

But even after this, you will probably encounter unusual behaviour in Power BI.  I have been able to load data into Power BI, but not able to transform any queries in Power Query.  The Transform window opens but then hangs.  This limits the ability to create queries and model data.

I cannot help but notice that nowadays modern IBM database drivers default to JDBC connections, but that Power BI is using ODBC.  Even with the IBM Netezza ODBC driver installed, I have not been able to overcome these problems.  Power BI does not natively connect with JDBC at this time.

What have you done to get Power BI and Netezza to connect properly?

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