The Dataverax Manifesto

Why does Data Management matter?

Data management is the structure, control and definition of your data. It is what makes your business processes repeatable and understandable. It is what creates a common language around your data. It enables you to communicate effectively about your data and conduct meaningful business around your data.

Data is a means of representation. It stands for things other than itself. In order for data to be useful and meaningful, it needs context. When this context is not shared or understood across your organization, problems arise. We call this context metadata, and metadata management technologies exist to facilitate data management.

Metadata management, along with other important concepts such as data quality, data architecture, data modeling and design, master data management and others, are all brought together through the linchpin of data governance.

Why Dataverax?

Verax means “speaking the truth” and Dataverax is about telling your truth. Is your data telling your true story? Are your business insights relatable and true to your organization? Can you communicate them? Does your organization understand your data story? Is your truth a shared reality?

Data quality is not the job of a single data steward or data janitor but a job for everyone in your organization that touches your data. A culture of data accountability needs to be fostered and cultivated for your organization to become truly data-driven.

Dataverax has deep knowledge and understanding of the Data Management Body of Knowledge (DAMA-DMBOK2), experience in metadata management and data quality tools such as the IBM InfoSphere suite and Collibra, and the project experience to see you through.

Let Dataverax be a partner in your organization’s quest for data truth.